TOP TIPS to a Successful Kitchen Renovation:

TOP TIPS to a Successful Kitchen Renovation:

In this monthís blog post we are going to explore the Top Tips to a successful kitchen renovation. We will cover some new-age kitchen ideas as well as a few tips that may save you a bit of time and money, brought to you by Totally Custom Designs.†

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Tip 1: Set up a temporary kitchen.

Your New Kitchen makeover is sure to put you off your game for some time. As your kitchen will be out of commission through the build process. We recommend putting some of your old cabinetry to use by creating a temporary kitchen area where you may have some extra space. This will allow you to still make some tea, or even cook a meal, as eating take-out every night could be quite costly and not the best option for your health.

Tip 2: Leaving Space for new appliances.

Buying all new appliances right after or during a kitchen renovation is a very costly exercise. The last thing we need is to buy a new fridge and it doesnít fit because of the cabinetry being set to the size of the old one, we recommend rather leaving space for a larger fridge or dishwasher. Now weíre left with unsightly gaps and open spaces, how do we remedy this? Totally Custom Designs recommends making use of filler strips or panels to fill the unsightly empty spaces.

Tip 3: Counter Space

Counter space is our work surface. Too little workspace can leave a very sour and unhappy taste in the mouth of any renovator. So to avoid this we recommend only ordering your countertops after installing new cabinets. This way we can get them cut to size saving us a tremendous amount of time. What other ways can we save additional counter space? How about installing some under-cabinet storage racks, efficient and modern design is key to any renovation.

Tip 4: Storage Space

Often in kitchen renovations, we sacrifice function for style. However, Totally Custom Designs have a few tips to keep function with style and originality all at the top of our list. Make use of a decorative/ functional splash back rack. Donít underestimate open spaces that can be used for simple and easy access storage to everyday utensils. Magnetised wall-mounted knife racks are another functional and decorative function for any kitchen design.

Tip 5: Upcycle to save a few bucks

Upcycling is a generally new term that means repurposing old items to use as new decorative measures or to save a few bucks on buying new. A fine way to save some money on any renovation is to make use of the current cabinetry and replace the doors and countertops, youíll save quite a bit as far as buying new cupboards and installations go. Fast and effective kitchen remodeling is a time and money saver.