Selecting the correct hardware for your kitchen

We spend so much time on the big things, we often forget about the little guys. What is often overlooked in any kitchen renovation is something as simple as selecting the correct hinges and handles and even runners. Whether the style is modern, rustic or contemporary. Selection of either knobs or pulls may seem simple enough. However, we donít want to run out of budget right before the end, do we?


Often when selecting a style for the renovation, it is important to understand the differences between these peripherals to select the correct option to suit you. Letís just say, hinges arenít just an open and shut case anymore, and we should definitely get a handle on things…


Handles can be broken down into 2 sections. We have Knobs, which as the name suggest is a singular knob fastened by 1 screw on most draws and doors knobs act as a small handle to open the cupboard/ drawer. We also have Pulls, pulls are fastened at 2 points and usually connect by 1 longer bar. They come in many shapes, forms and styles. Deciding between the 2 is just the 1st step.


Drawer runners or slides have come a long way since the traditional wheel on a track we usually see. There are new types of runners/ slides that can stop drawers from being slammed. These are great for if you have toddlers around the house. They wonít be able to shut drawers on their little fingers, saving them from a world of hurt. There many different runners for any kind of drawer or cabinet. We have side-mounted ball bearing slides to mechanical slides. Seeking the advice of your kitchen installer is a definite must. 


Next, we have a world of hinges. In fact, there is quite a bit to cover, from the full overlay concealed hinge, which is the most common to the more complex bi-folder corner hinge. Hinges are the backbone and strength to your entire kitchen. This is not to be overlooked in any way. No matter the style or aesthetic appeal. Hinges are the single most important peripheral to any cabinet, whether it be a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. 

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