More on Kitchen Hardware

In last month’s blog, we covered the importance of Kitchen Hardware that is often overlooked. Now let us have a look at the different kinds of hardware and what each one entails to have a better understanding of what you require for different types of kitchen renovations. As we know there are many different styles and ways we can renovate a kitchen, so which hardware matches a particular style of kitchen. This will help you better understand your choices when renovating your kitchen. Firstly let’s have a look at runners. Runners are the backbone to your drawers. This allows for the drawers to easily open with a soft pull. There are a few different types of runners for depending on how your kitchen cabinets have been installed. 


The main options often being:




The ‘slides’ themselves are attached horizontally to the timber drawer box and the cabinet carcass. Side mount runners are useful across a wide variety of applications because of their weight-bearing capabilities and durability. These are available in either a silver ball-bearing unit or an epoxy coated ‘roller wheel’ mechanism.




Runners with single slides that mount directly under the centre of the timber drawer box. Centre

mount runners are seldom used in the kitchen as they restrict the height of the drawer box and hold less weight than side mount alternatives.




Runners fix to the sides of the cabinet carcass and connect to a locking rail that is attached to the underside of the drawer box ensuring the mechanism is concealed and making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye when the drawer is open. Both side mount and under mount runners are available in different forms with the more basic of them being fitted to the sides of timber (usually melamine) drawer box, while the more advanced options are metal or powder coated and form the sides, and sometimes the back, of the actual drawer box; thus providing a more sleek and sophisticated look when the drawers are open. Some brands offer a variety of colours in these metal drawer boxes as well as materials; from white, black and grey to clear or frosted glass. Runners come in varying lengths to accommodate non-standard depth units as well as offering varying degrees of extension.