Renovating your new kitchen to optimize storage space

With property prices on the rise each year, finding a big enough property to suit your budget can prove to be quite a challenge leaving many home buyers having to deal with living space a lot smaller than many of us wish for. Home storage always seems to be an issue when it comes to living in smaller places, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. When we settle for property in our budget we often have to compromise and work with our available space. Let’s discuss a few great ideas on how to optimize storage space in smaller areas such as your new kitchen or bathroom. 

With kitchen and bathroom areas mostly being occupied by cupboards, we can take advantage of this by making use of the cupboard doors. Renovating your kitchen cupboards by installing racks on the inside of the doors can be a great way to optimize storage. A kitchen sink has an average width of 30 inches, have a light wooden board manufactured to cover this space increasing your counter area. Renovating cupboards with fancy hooks can allow items to be stored underneath the cupboards. Add rolling draws to your kitchen and bathroom cupboard renovations to optimize the total volume. Adding an elegant bar off the ceiling or walls to store pots, towels or any items with the ability to hang can be a great addition to your kitchen and bathroom renovations. As well as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The window areas can be a great place to install clean, modern shelving. This can be included in your bathroom renovations to store towels neatly which is a great way to add to your theme colour of the bathroom. These ideas can all be applied to either your bathroom or kitchen renovations. e96b65 242c9d67f8cf4932a82f422e16960275mv2