Modern kitchen design

The idea of modern kitchen design can come in many shapes and forms. However, we ask ourselves, what actually makes a kitchen modern? This supposedly would come down to the materials used or the kitchen design and layout. Modern kitchen design has the characteristics of a sleek, linear and most commonly, an uncluttered look. Many high-end modern kitchen designs in Cape Town share a spacious look which welcomes you in. 


Layers and textures bring the idea of modern kitchen design to light. They encourage a striking look and feel, whether it be in the Northern or Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. Modern kitchen designs often boast materials such as engineered stones, granite, stainless steel and a hint of natural timber. The kitchen cupboards play a large role in your new kitchen, therefore, ensure the colours of countertops, sink area and floor tiles complement each other well. My advice would be to go for simplicity in design, think of clean, polished, light earthy tones for kitchen cupboards with gleaming stainless steel handles matched with a lighter stone countertop, smooth edges clean-cut stainless steel bar stools overlooking the dining area. Remember to keep it tidy after the bacon and eggs in the morning. 


Now let’s talk about lighting! With so many choices, it can really be overwhelming, how can we be sure you’ve made the right choice. Now we don’t necessarily mean your electrical fitting in the ceiling. Optimising space and having under cabinet lighting, assists the open and minimalist look you are looking for in your modern kitchen design. 


But what about cooking, most modern kitchens would steer away from the conventional electric stovetop, but rather install a stainless steel gas unit with an oven and stovetop and of course, you’d also need an extractor above it. Cooking with Gas is a whole different ball game, but offers far more benefits than cons.  


Cleanliness is a key factor in your modern kitchen design. With the light colours and minimalist feel, it’s imperative to keep your kitchen clean. Granite countertops are minimal maintenance and aesthetically pleasing. Deep restaurant-style basins add functionality with a sense of modern flair.


Don’t forget to add a splash of colour or personal feel to your new kitchen design. A bowl of fresh seasonal fruits on display or whatever you feel, after all, it’s your kitchen.