Ensuring A Successful Bathroom Renovation

Like kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations have become a trend in modern homes. Clear-cut planning of the bathroom remodeling will ensure that you are satisfied with the end product, so take the time to make sure planning is done properly.


There are several companies in the southern suburbs of Cape Town that offer professional bathroom renovation services. Keeping the remodeling professional and within budget is not as easy as it appears to be, so below are some pointers from the experts at these renovation companies:


  1. Have a proper plan before starting: Working out a proper plan with a professional remodeler will assure that the budget you allotted for the renovation of your bathroom, the design, and the timeline are all realistic. Sound planning will also prevent hidden costs and unnecessary, costly mistakes.


Maintain plumbing: Another reason to hire a professional is that they will show you how to make use of existing plumbing pipes. Relocating essential bathroom utilities like the toilet and the bathtub are daunting tasks, which can be best done by a specialist, saving you a lot of money.


Mirror frame-up: The renovation experts dress up the builder-grade mirror with a solid frame. This is done at a far lower price than installing a big hanging mirror. A frame is an essential component of bathroom renovation as it hides away any normal wear and tear.


Toilet installation: The right bathroom renovation company will look to save you money by saving your toilet. If the ceramic pan and cistern are still modern-looking and are in good condition, they are able to replace only the seat and lid.


Using proper budget items: The experts use large pieces of salvage wood as a shower curtain valance. Although it looks like an expensive buy, it actually serves as a focal point and can save a lot of your money. These salvage products are usually found in flea markets, antique stores, and auctions.


Open shelves: Despite the fact that the bathroom is a small, private space, open shelving can make it seem more spacious. Open shelving lightens up the interior décor of your bathroom, adding style and function.


Count on countertops: For a more elegant finish inside your bathroom, the renovation experts can easily install granite countertops. Choosing a slab granite vanity as the focal point of your bathroom’s interior space will look good and keep your renovation project within budget.


Choosing the right bathroom renovator who has the right skills and has your best interests at heart, will save you time and money, and bring about all the desired results.