New kitchen Cape Town Trends for Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Itís the place we go to when we step outside of of our busy life-bubbles, for some quality family time. Itís the place we always return to when our tummies rumble, even if only to stare at the never-changing contents of our fridge. Itís where we cook, wine and dine. And even if you live alone, itís the centrepiece of any well-functioning home. So, when it comes to new kitchen Cape Town trends, we get super excited and weíve got you covered. Here are some tips to freshen up your kitchen;


Thinner 20mm Counter-Tops, with Straight-Cut Edges


Most commonly, one will find granite and marble tops in 20mm or 30mm slabs. Thin counter tops are best used in clean-lined kitchen designs, which have become increasingly popular. 20mm counter-tops with straight-cut edges are, therefore, following effortlessly alongside this trend. Not a fan of granite or marble counter-tops? When is comes to rustic charm, timber continues to add value and warmth to any kitchen.




This material is guaranteed to look just as exotic as it sounds. Terrazzo consists of mostly concrete, glammed-up with chips of scattered marble, granite, precious stones and even shards of glass. This is a beautiful addition to any kitchen, and can be used on floors, counter-tops and even walls!


Banquette Seating


Usually found in restaurants, banquette seating could remind you of your favourite dining spot. Recently however, these lovely rustic benches are making their way into our homes, providing an even more intimate dining experience.


Timeless Finishes like Copper


We will always love our traditional, stainless steel. However, copper is quickly becoming the more trendy way to go, creating a rustic, timeless ambience. Copper can be used for taps, handles and even certain kitchen surfaces.


Floor to Ceiling Storage


Gone are the days when all kitchenware was traditionally packed away in cupboards only. In fact, today draws are quickly surpassing everyday cabinets. Another thing we are starting to see a lot more of, is making use of ceiling storage space. Ceiling storage is most commonly seen hanging over island counter-tops and close to the stove.


We really hope these new kitchen Cape Town trends have added some inspiration to get working on your kitchen, so you too can feel JUST as excited as we are!