Important Things to Consider for Bathroom Renovation

Remodeling a bathroom requires professional skills to make it properly functional and to satisfy your personal taste. Without proper knowledge of the nitty-gritty details regarding this matter, things can go seriously wrong thus causing a sheer wastage of your time, labour, and money.

To make your renovation exactly the way you want it to be, it is better to possess some working knowledge about this procedure so that you donít feel at a loss while selecting a bathroom designer and giving specific instruction to them as per your own requirements.

In this article, a few tips concerning this matter have been discussed below that will help you with this procedure. (Information credit: )

  1. Pay close attention to the lighting: Many people do not consider lighting as an important entity for bathroom renovation but the truth is, with proper lighting, you can change the entire appearance of your bathroom. So, you have to let your renovator know exactly what sort of lighting you need for your bathroom. You can make your choice from options like a task, accent, ambient, or decorative lighting.


  1. Do not make the toilet the first thing to see in your bathroom: Make it very clear to your bathroom renovator that your toilet must not be the first thing you see when you open the door for your bathroom. The reason is very simple. People often forget to close the door of their bathrooms and if any guest pays a surprise visit to your house while your bathroom is open and sees the toilet right away, it would be discomfiting for both you and the guest as well. So, instruct the bathroom designer as clearly as possible to design the toilet in a corner to avoid such situations.


  1. Have a clear idea about the dimensions: You must know the dimensions of your bathroom accurately so that you can give specific instructions to the designer about the size of the bathtub or the amount of space you would require for your toilet. With proper instructions, your bathroom will be a lot more functional than its older version.


  1. Pick the right cabinet: Make sure that the cabinet of your bathroom is made of durable material and will not take too much space in your bathroom. An ill-fitted cabinet might hinder the smooth entrance and exit thereby reducing its functionality. Also, make sure that the cabinet brings an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom.


  1. Think about removing the moisture: The key to making your bathroom more functional is to dry it up as quickly as possible because if your bathroom remains wet for a long time it can damage the tiles. Therefore, instruct your designer to install a fan to remove the unnecessary moisture from your bathroom.


  1. Consider the overall cost: Make sure that you will be able to bear the total cost of your renovation process. This also includes the service charge and the price of the materials like tiles and cabinets.


With the help of these five tips, refurbishing your bathroom with the help of a good designer should not be a problem for you.