Choosing a bathroom vanity

A bathroom vanity could be described as your bathroom basin area which would be a countertop with a basin and some storage to name the minimal elements. Most people would go for a very basic white cabinet which covers the plumbing under the basin, a basic 2 shelf setup. But it can be so much more than that. Your bathroom is where you spend your most intimate of alone time and it should reflect you in that moment.

When looking at choosing a vanity – you can ask yourself 3 important questions:

  1. How much space do you have in your bathroom? 
  2. How much storage do you need?
  3. What kind of basin suits your needs?

Let’s start with how much space you have in your bathroom, is it a large  family bathroom or a small guest toilet? Depending on your bathroom size is a key factor in what you are able to do with it, a full guest/family bathroom verses an intimate en suite allows for so much more than basic cupboards shoved full of cleaning supplies and extra soaps. Do you want something standard and simple and drab, or would you like something that reflects you to your guests? These answers may vary between bathrooms and that is ok. Looking for a standard vanity keeps options to a smaller scale and not to mention cheaper. Do you want something to just do the job, or would you prefer to personalise your experience?

When it comes to storage space, the answer is Cabinets! Whether it’s semi-recessed or drop in along with the cabinetry that holds the basin as well as conceals the exposed plumbing and provides storage, or it could be side cabinets, drawers, shelves, floating, floor standing – there really are options for everybody as well as endless colours and finishes too! Storage may be bathroom specific. In a main bathroom you would want multiple drawers and shelves but in a guest toilet it might only be a spare toilet roll holder or a small cabinet for spare hand towels. 

Now let’s talk basin. Would your master bath need large and shallow basin just for brushing teeth and washing face and hands and shaving. Are you having a His/Hers setup or even just a a smaller and deeper basin would be better suited if you need to fill it with water. A basin integrated into the vanity might be slightly more affordable as well as easier to clean. The shape of the basin might also be of importance, is it a basin chosen to match a specific bath shape or is it a statement basin in an unusual shape or colour for a guest toilet? 

The vanity itself is very purpose specific. Choose a vanity specific to your needs. Do you keep every medication “just in case” in your bathroom or just the necessities for a more minimalistic lifestyle? Remember, options are almost endless with a supplier like Totally Custom Designs who can customise vanities and cabinets to your liking, there are different colour options to suit any bathroom.