Best Modern Kitchen Design

A kitchen that looks good is nice, but a beautiful one that functions well? That’s a dream come true. Even if your kitchen isn’t outdated, its design & layout might not be making the most of the space. Fantastic modern kitchen design is as much about looks as it is about function, and function becomes even more critical when designing a new kitchen. Today’s technological advancements have changed what’s possible, even in the kitchen. 

We’ve come a long way from the days of iceboxes and ticking kitchen timers, so if kitchen design is on your mind, don’t leave out the tech factor. Luxury kitchens are built decision-by-decision. Read about our favourite appliances, finishes, & materials to create the luxury kitchen aesthetic for your home. What would life be like without your Vitamix, coffee maker or dishwasher? When you’re designing your ideal kitchen, your lifestyle matters. What you like to cook … how often you entertain … your passion for the perfect espresso or glass of pinot … it’s all-important to consider. Those appliances are usually a part of our daily routines, and being without them isn’t an appealing thought.

But what if we told you technology is not just for appliances? Totally Custom Designs in partnership with Blum, bring you the best in Modern Kitchen Design with the latest technology in the industry for kitchen cabinetry.  From the patented SERVO-DRIVE flex to their Lift systems glides. It’s technology to bring the best of Modern Kitchen Design to your home. Get in touch with us to book a free consultation on your new kitchen renovation.