Custom Design Kitchens

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Custom Built Kitchens

Are you tire of your boring old kitchen? We can renovate it our design you a brand new custom kitchen to your specifications. When it comes to designing a custom kitchen, every household has a different idea of what they want. This is why you need the services of a experienced kitchen designer. With Totally Custom Designs you can be sure that each of our kitchen projects are custom built and custom designed.

We take care of every aspect of your kitchen from the cabinets and kitchen face frames to the door panels. All of these are made from quality solid wood. We make use of a huge selection wood species, stain color and door styles to complete the look of your kitchen. Typically your kitchen will be built by us onsite and then installed at your premises by our qualified installers.

Luxury Kitchens in Cape Town

When designing a luxury kitchen our first priority is to understand what the lifestyle and use of the kitchen will be. Not only is a luxurious kitchen of utmost importance to the owner it is the center of the home and the place where your family’s life begins. Kitchens are also a very important consideration when buying or selling home.

Many realtors say that homes with luxury kitchens sell faster than ones with regular kitchens. Your kitchen with out a doubt has a enormous presence within your home. We specialize in designing tomorrows kitchens today. We therefore use many different components which are supplied by top quality suppliers in the industry. We then bring all of that together to create kitchens that are both luxurious and functional.